Monday, September 10, 2007

Sideline Soldier?

Joey Porter

It's the question every Dolphins fan wants to know. Why was linebacker Joey Porter standing on the sidelines during overtime while the Dolphins defense was getting trampled by Clinton Portis? As Ricky Ricardo would say, "Cam, you've got some splaining to do!"

So far, we've yet to hear an explanation from head coach Cam Cameron or defensive coordinator Dom Capers. But it's enough to make the most loyal Dolphin fan sick to his stomach. It was obvious to everybody in the stadium the Dolphin defense was fatigued and sucking wind. The Redskins rushed for 191 yards. Everyone knew the Redskins were going to run the ball and the Dolphins did nothing to stop them.

Look, I understand Porter missed the entire preseason while recovering from an injury. But he started the game and made a couple of nice plays. It's really discouraging to see the Dolphins wasting their top free agent acquisition on the bench, while the team desperately needed him. Why Cam? Why?

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