Sunday, September 30, 2007

Daunte's Revenge!

As a longtime Miami Dolphins fan, I generally root for my team every game. But today may have been the exception. All week long, Dolphin linebackers Joey Porter and Channing Crowder were talking trash. They did everything from guarantee victory against the Raiders to belittling Oakland and former Dolphins quarterback Daunte Culpepper. Meanwhile, Culpepper kept his mouth shut and concentrated on preparing for today's game. Can you say payback?

Jimmy Johnson used to say, "When you talk the talk, you better walk the walk." Well, this week the Dolphins did all the talking and Culpepper did all the walking--all the way to the end zone. The once maligned quarterback came back to South Florida, the same place that booted him out unceremoniously and opened a serious can of whup-ass on his former team. And nobody is happier for Culpepper than I am. Good for him.

Culpepper threw two touchdown passes and ran for three more in the Raiders 35-17 victory. On his second rushing touchdown, Culpepper raced around the corner and dove into the end zone. He then celebrated by pointing to his once wounded knee and screaming to Miami fans he was okay. Earlier this week Dolphins middle linebacker Channing Crowder said Culpepper was too slow and contributed little to the Dolphins. While what Crowder said was true, you don't give your opponent any more motivation than they need--especially when you haven't won a game yet.

Revenge is indeed sweet for Daunte Culpepper. Last year he was brought to Miami through a trade with Minnesota for a second round draft pick. Culpepper had been Pro Bowl player for the Vikings. But he was coming off a serious knee injury that ended his 2005 season and hadn't healed in 2006. But the Dolphins took a chance. He started 4 games for Miami, but Culpepper clearly wasn't ready to play. He was placed on injured reserve and never played for the Dolphins again.

When Cam Cameron replaced Nick Saban, he discarded Culpepper like yesterday's trash. Cameron made it clear he was never going to give Culpepper an opportunity to rehab or redeem himself. Culpepper wasn't even allowed to practice with the team. Instead Cameron went after former Chiefs QB Trent Green and basically gave Green the job without any competition. The last time Dolphin fans had seen Culpepper, he was escorted out by armed guards from the Dolphins training facility at Nova Southeastern University.

For anyone who has ever been shunned or dumped by an employer, this was a victory for you. They say kharma is a bitch. The Dolphins organization and Cam Cameron are now finding out that statement is emphatically true. Eat some crow Joey Porter and save a slice for your buddy Channing Crowder.


Fawzy said...

Culpepper for Green...DOWNGRADE or same bullshit. Why am I going to throw out one old coming off injury quarterback for another old coming off injury quarterback? It doesn't make sense and the dolphins deserve this loss and the many more to come. We might as well have stayed with Harrington if we wanted a quarterback that averages 2 interceptions per game!

scott said...

great article. it amazing how a die hard dolfan can hate a player that he is rooting for. i think thats is great in a way that finally after all the excuses and blame game that its gonna finally explode this season. by the way have you looked at joey harringtons stats the past two games. wow he has put up great numbers. its not his fault the falcons are 1-3. to bad the falcons don't play the dolphins this year. its time to put in beck. maybe this week. the season is over and beck is already 26.

scott said...

did you see brian griese performance? wow! the bears actually believe they can win with this guy. ha ha ha the joke is on the broncos, bucs, fins, and the next team he will play for.

MiamiSouthPaw said...


The only reason Griese is playing in Chicago is because Grossman is so horrible. The only other option is Kyle Orton.

The Bears are a good team with a horrible quarterback situation. The Dolphins are just a horrible team.

scott said...

you gotta love the fact that bears fans were screaming for this guy like he was gonna change the bears fortune. they gave up 34 points in the fourth quarter and brian didn't have anything to do with that. the nfl is brutal you could be good one year and horrible the next year. you could be horrible one year and good the next year. with the exception of dallas, pats and colts.

scott said...

its great that you hate university of florida but you just need one guy from their team to help your team. grossman can't but griese can't. look for grossman to get another chance. i don't know about orton.