Sunday, September 30, 2007

It's Official: The Dolphins Are The NFL's Worst Team

Cam Cameron meets with Daunte Culpepper following Oakland's 35-17 victory

It's time for Dolphin fans to start wearing paper bags over their heads. Yes, it's true. This is the worst team in the NFL. In fact, I expect MSNBC's Keith Olberman to name Cam Cameron as the worst person in the world. That's how bad this team is right now.

The Daunte Culpepper payback tour landed in Miami today and the Dolphins were blasted 35-17 by their former quarterback. How bad are the Dolphins? Yes, I know they're 0-4. But they just lost to the Raiders, a team that hasn't won a road game since 2005. The Raiders victory ended a 12 game road losing streak. Even FIU had won a game more recently than the Raiders on the road.

Since Dan Marino's retirement, the Dolphins have avoided drafting a young franchise quarterback and have resorted to settling for veteran broken down journeymen from Jay Fiedler, to Ray Lucas to A.J. Feeley to Gus Frerotte and now Trent Green just to name a few.

So how has Trent Green worked out? Oh, God where do I start? For a guy who's 37 years old and a veteran of several seasons, Green has the bad habits of a rookie. He's averaging about two interceptions a game. Just today he was intercepted after throwing a ball off his back foot and up for grabs. He also has shown a horrible habit of throwing the ball late down the middle of the field. We gave up on Joey Harrington for this? We gave up on Daunte Culpepper for this? The Dolphins continued mismanagement of the quarterback position is one of the most sad and laughable spectacles in football.

Lost in the ineptness of the offense is the sterling play of running back Ronnie Brown. Brown has quietly put up some very good numbers in the last two games. It's just a shame the Dolphins always find themselves behind early in the games and are forced to abandon the running game. Here's your sad statistic of the day. The Dolphins have not scored a touchdown in the first quarter of their last 8 games.

But what has really made the Dolphins the worst team is their former strength. The defense has now become a joke. I'm guessing the Dolphins signed linebacker Joey Porter to a $20 million contract to make game changing plays. But so far, Porter has spent most of his time running his mouth than hitting opposing ball carriers. Just this past week he guaranteed the Dolphins would beat the Raiders. Right now Miss Cleo could make as many tackles as Porter. And she's just as bad a prognosticator as Miami's overpaid linebacker. Porter's next prediction should be when he's going to make another tackle.

What happened to the Dolphins run defense? The Raiders rushed for nearly 300 yards. That's absolutely inexcusable in the NFL or any level of football. Yes, I know Zach Thomas hasn't played the last two games due to a concussion. And yes, Channing Crowder hasn't done a very good job as a replacement. But what about Vonnie Holiday? What about Keith Traylor? Miami's defensive tackles are getting zero push up the line of scrimmage. Where's Jason Taylor? Forget about the secondary. Yeremiah Bell's injury was a huge blow to this unit of non playmakers. The truth is this is defense made up of elderly players whose best years are behind them without any quality young talent to provide depth.

For so long the Dolphins have relied on their defense to hide the warts of their offense. Well now the whole team is covered in warts. Does anybody have confidence in Cam Cameron to right this ship? So far, I'd have to say no.


Fawzy said...

I haven't lost total faith in Cam Cameron, but I don't really too optimistic about him. Just the fact that he got Green over Culpepper. Didn't even let Culpepper compete for the position. That's what football is about! You have a bunch of guys fighting it out for the top spot.. And the best gets it. That's how you become the best team. And I will admit I was kind of mad that they passed over Brady Quinn,, but come on! If you're a team that needs a quarterback, why are you going to pass on Quinn. We'll see about Beck. The way things are looking, who knows if Cam will even play a little. He should just throw Beck in there.

scott said...

new team in los angeles
head coach- norv turner
qb-brian griese
running back-ricky williams
wr-david boston, og
offensive lineman- anyone named wade
defense-jamar fletcher 1 man wrecking crew

MiamiSouthPaw said...


That make-believe team in LA could probably beat the Dolphins.