Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Bell's Injury Is Going To Hurt

Yeremiah Bell

When the Dolphins announced safety Yeremiah Bell would be out for the season with a torn achilles tendon, there were plenty of Dolphin players, coaches and fans feeling his pain. Don't get me wrong. Nobody hurts more than Bell. But right now, the Dolphins secondary is on life support.

Bell was the Dolphins best playmaker in the secondary and there's a huge dropoff in talent when it comes to his replacement. Travares Tillman and Cameron Worrell will now compete in practice to replace him. But none of them has Bell's ability to blitz, intercept passes and make game changing plays. The situation is so bad, the Dolphins may have to use Jason Allen, last year's first round pick who's been a collosal bust.

How bad is Jason Allen? The Dolphins have been doing everything they can to keep him off the field. You get the feeling defensive coordinator Dom Capers is scared to death to give Allen any playing time. The team has shuttled Allen back and forth from safety to cornerback and now back to safety, hoping Allen can show the ability to play somewhere with a least a bit of competance. The only reason he's on the team right now is he was a first round pick and only in his second year. Right now, Allen makes Jamar Fletcher look like Rod Woodson.

Bell was the type of player you can't help but root for. He's the anti Jason Allen. He was a walk-on at Eastern Kentucky and a 6th round pick back in 2003 when Dave Wannstedt was head coach. Bell paid for college while working in a Kentucky steel mill. He's the only player from the Dolphins 2003 draft class still with the team. Plus whenever he makes a great play, Joe Rose sings, "Yeremiah was a bullfrog and he was a good friend of mine." With Bell out of the lineup, there will be fewer interceptions by the DBs and less singing in the broadcast booth.


scott said...

speaking of jamar fletcher. if you go to the official site of the texans his picture is in a lions uniform. how bad is that? he played the first game of the season and made 5 tackles. couldn't they take a picture of him in a texans uniform. speaking of dolphin players that play for different teams. here are his lions stats Snatched a career-best three interceptions to tie for the team-lead along with making 35 tackles (33 solo), two passes defensed and one fumble recovery in 13 appearances with two starts for the Lions. that right he had only 2 interceptions for the dolphins. if jamar is such a bad player then why have 3 teams signed him since he was with the dolphins. y bell has only 1 interception. the dolphins haven't had anybody in the secondary to intercept ball since madison and surtain.

Fawzy said...

When are we going back to Tootsie's, Scott?