Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ronnie Brown Is Better Than Reggie Bush

Ronnie Brown and Reggie Bush share a common bond. Both are running backs who were the second picks of their respective drafts. Brown was chosen by the Dolphins as the second overall selection in 2005 and Bush was the second pick in 2006 by the Saints. But if you listen to the media, you would think Bush was ready for the hall of fame and Brown is garbage. Brown is not only better than Bush, it's not even close.

If you can cut through the avalanche of worthless hype fed by ESPN, Reggie Bush is easily the most overrated football player on the planet. Has there ever been a player who has received more praise and accolades for doing so little? Bush is basically just a situational back who can't run between the tackles and catches dump passes out of the backfield. Last year he averaged just 3.6 yards per carry. So far this season, Bush has just 80 rushing yards in three games averaging 2.8 per carry. Yet if you watch Sports Center, you would think Stuart Scott and all the clowns on ESPN worthip this guy.

Meanwhile Ronnie Brown can't buy any love from his hometown fans. Last year Brown topped 1,000 yards despite missing a few games due to injury. He hasn't been able to break the big play which has left Dolphin fans somewhat frustrated and some begging for the return of Ricky Williams. But just this past Sunday, Brown gained over 200 yards rushing and receiving combined against the Jets. That's more yardage than Bush has rushing all season.

If you watch ESPN, Brown's name rarely comes up. But when you play for a team that's 0-3, it's hard to get any love. But wait a second! Bush also plays for an 0-3 team. So what gives? Reggie Bush is what I call the ESPN media darling. He's got plenty of flash with charisma and living off his legendary reputation from his USC days. Prior to Bush, Michael Vick held the title of ESPN media darling until his dog fighting operation was exposed. Bush and Vick both had freakish quickness and speed which make for great ESPN highlights. But if you really look at them as NFL players, they're more style than substance.

Now that Deuce McCallister will miss the remainder of the season, Bush will now carry the load for the Saints. It could get ugly for New Orleans fans. Bush is simply a scat back who's basically a 21st century version of Eric Metcalf. Metcalf could do everything Bush could do and arguably better. But you wouldn't want Metcalf carrying the ball 20 times a game and neither can Bush.

I don't want to sound completely like a Bush hater. He was one of the great college running backs I ever saw. But his USC days are over and so are the days of Bush scoring on ridicuculous 80 yard runs game after game. In the NFL, every team has speed on defense and those type of big plays are few and far between. But you would never know it when you watch ESPN. Even when Bush gains 5 yards, Sean Salisbury has to actually diagram how Bush made breathtaking short gains. It's really quite embarassing.

I've come to the conclusion that if Ronnie Brown had played at USC, he would be enjoying all the hype and acclaim Bush receives. Only there's one difference, Brown is a true every down NFL running back and simply better. There, I said it.


Fawzy said...

thems fighting words!

scott said...

check your email

scott said...

this probably means that bush will have a great game against... oh wait its their bye week. you should have wrote this next week. as a pure running back his numbers aren't going to be good. he is not the guy that will get the ball 30-40 times a game. you old timers need to realize that football is changing. we have players now that do different things. back in the old days (when you were growing up) a running back never caught the ball. this changed during my time with a guy named Faulk. enough about bashing vick as a bad quarterback. lets start the vince young bashing. look at his number. week 1 11-18 78 yards passing, week 2 17-27 184 yards passing (he lost this game, he must have thrown the ball to much), weekn 3 he went 14 for 22 for 164 yards. his completion percentage is good (over 60%) but can you win consistently in the nfl when your goes a couple games without throwing 30 attempts. one of these games he's gonna need to chuck the ball that many times.

scott said...

i had to break up what i was gonna say. ronnie brown is a pure running back. He is the type of guy along with benson and cadillac williams that needs to carry the ball at least 30 times a game.. its not brown's fault that he catches those dump off passes that go for like 5-6 yards. you watch espn to much. this is a network that talks about who's gonna win the heisman before the season even starts.

scott said...

they were gonna get rid of the deuce anyway. maybe another hurricane will hit the N.O. so they can start winning again. talk about a fluke year. the aints have almost the same players but sit at 0-3.

Alex M said...

i dont no who u r but i like the way you think