Tuesday, October 16, 2007

What will Joey say this week?

Those of you who have read this blog have already figured out my dislike for new Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter. I didn't like him when he played for the Steelers. But at least he was a good player in Pittsburgh. Since signing a $32 million contract with the Dolphins, Porter has been more bark than bite. So far he has zero sacks and did not make a tackle in last week's game against the Browns. Porter has been the eptiomy of a payroll bandit.

Every week, Porter has made more headlines for what he says than what he does. Last week, he criticized Browns tight end Kellen Winslow for not being a true tight end. All Winslow did was catch 5 passes for 90 yards, while burning Porter over and over. Two week prior, he guaranteed the Dolphins would beat the Raiders. That didn't happen. In week one, he acted like a spoiled brat moping on the sidelines and in the lockeroom after yet another ineffective performance. Dating back to last year, Porter has not recorded a quarterback sack in his last 10 games.

This past Sunday, the Fox Network aired surveillance video from a Las Vegas casino which showed Porter and three of his "buddies" attacking Bengals tackle Levi Jones at a black jack table. Porter plead guilty to charges of misdemeanor battery and was fined for his actions by the NFL. It may have been the last time Porter actually hit somebody. I guess if you can't hit somebody on a football field, you might as well join your fellow thugs and attack somebody in a casino.

Since the Dolphins are 0-6 and have virtually no chance of beating the Patriots this coming Sunday, I'm waiting to hear what kind of verbal nonsense Porter has for this week. Maybe he'll say Tom Brady isn't a real quarterback because he's too pretty. Perhaps Porter will guarantee Randy Moss won't catch a pass. Whatever outlandish garbage comes out of Joey's mouth, it'll probably be more entertaining than his actual performance. My guess is Porter will once again finish the game with his foot in his mouth.

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