Monday, October 15, 2007

Cleveland Rocks The Dolphins

Ted Ginn returns a kickoff for an apparent touchdown. The play is nullified by a holding penalty against Derek Hagan.

The Dolphins quest for perfection continues as they lost yet another game--this time 41-31 to the Cleveland Browns. The loss drops Miami's record to 0-6. It's only fitting this game was played in a town known as "The Mistake By the Lake". It's getting to the point where being a fan of the Dolphins is like masochism. You know it's going to hurt your mental health watching this team. But yet, we all keep coming back for more.

The only thing that would have made this loss more humiliating is if Brady Quinn came off the bench and threw a couple of touchdown passes to run up the score. Fortunately for the Browns, Derek Anderson did just fine on his own. Anderson completed 18 of 22 passes for 245 yards, 3 touchdown passes and zero interceptions. If Anderson keeps playing like this, Quinn may never get off the bench. But then again Anderson won't get the chance to play against the Dolphins again this season.

The once solid Dolphin defense has become an absolute shambles. The pass rush has become almost non existant. Jason Taylor had one sack. But Miami is getting absolutely nothing from overpaid, loudmouth linebacker Joey Porter. The Dolphins are paying Porter $32 million to make game-changing plays.

During the week Porter opened up his mouth again and called out Browns tight end Kellen Winslow. He said Winslow was a wide receiver and didn't deserve the title "tight end" because he doesn't block. Maybe somebody should tell Joey he doesn't deserve the title linebacker because he doesn't make any tackles. How bad is Porter? He hasn't registered a sack in his last 10 games dating back to his final 4 games last year as a Pittsburgh Steeler. But he was right about one thing. Winslow is a tremendous receiver and burned Porter while he was in coverage. Winslow finished the day with 5 catches and 90 yards--many of it at Porter's expense.

Zach Thomas just continues to put his heart and soul into this sinking ship. He made 12 tackles and as usual threw his body all over the field. But words can't describe the sad state of the Dolphins secondary. I can't say that I'm surprised. After the injury to Yeremiah Bell in the season opener, fans had to wonder who was going to be the unit's playmaker. The answer is nobody. Browns receiver Braylon Edwards had a field day catching all three of Anderson's touchdown passes. Just the fact that Cameron Worrell is even playing for the Dolphins should tell you how bad the Dolphins defensive backs are. What's even worse is last year's top draft pick Jason Allen can't even get on the field. Why is he even on the roster? If Jason Allen can't beat out Cameron Worrell, then what good is he?

The good news is Ronnie Brown is playing awesome football. And while other running backs like Adrian Peterson get more headlines, Brown has quietly racked up over 100 yards in each of his last four games. Brown also leads the team in catches and receiving yards. He is the only player on this team worth watching right now.

I also have to give props to quarterback Cleo Lemon. I thought he did a good job moving the offense and managing the game. He threw for 256 yards, 1 touchdown pass and also ran for another pair of TDs. But the good play of Brown and Lemon could not cancel out Miami's ineptness on defense.

How sad was this loss? Not only are the Dolphins losing games, they're costing their fans money. How? During the radio broadcast, WQAM play-by-play announcer Jimmy Cefalo mentioned a woman who entered a contest by Texaco to win $25,000. To win the money, Ted Ginn must return a kickoff for a touchdown. Well, guess what happened? Ginn returned a kickoff for a touchdown, only to have it nullified by a holding penalty against Dolphins receiver Derek Hagan. The woman didn't get the money. Ginn didn't get the touchdown. And everybody who plays, watches or is associated with the Miami Dolphins loses. It's been that kind of season.

Oh by the way, the Patriots are next on the schedule. Anyone want to guess what happens when a 6-0 team plays an 0-6 team? Start punching holes through those paper bags Dolphin fans because it's going to be ugly next Sunday.

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Fawzy said...

I hope we lose every game, and then there is a riot in front of Wayne Huizinga's house. Why get Green over Culpepper? Why pass over Brady Quinn? Why aren't they playing Beck? He should be in there NOW! I don't blame the defence, they're old! We're like the bad news bears of football. :( I want to hide under my bed. BUT I WILL BE A DOLPHINFAN 4EVA! LONG LIVE MARINO! lol...