Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Trent Green Needs To Retire Now

Texans defensive lineman Travis Johnson stands over an injured Trent Green

Once again we are reminded how dangerous the game of football can be. Any given play could be your last. Just last month, Buffalo Bills tight end and former UM player Kevin Everett suffered a serious neck injury and faced the grim future of possibly never walking again. Everett's condition has slightly improved. But his road to recovery still has a ways to go. This past Sunday Dolphins quarterback Trent Green saw his football mortality flash in front of his eyes.

With that in mind, I've become a firm believer Dolphins quarterback Trent Green needs to retire immediately. As most of you are aware, Green suffered a concussion after attempting to cut block Houston Texans defensive tackle Travis Johnson. He laid motionless on the field for several minutes and was wheeled off the field on a stretcher. Luckily the injury was less severe than it initially appeared.

But the long term effects could be devastating. This was not Green's first concussion. He suffered a season ending concussion last year as a member of the Kansas City Chiefs. Every concussion results in trauma to the brain. It's the type of injury that could turn a perfectly fine-tuned athlete into a vegetable in a milisecond. Some of football's greatest quarterbacks including Steve Young and Troy Aikman were forced to make the difficult decision to end their careers sooner than they wanted because of this injury.

I'm in no position to tell Green what to do with his life, nor do I know him personally. But at 37 years old and his best football years behind him, Green must think of his future. He's got a wife and children to care for as well as his own well being. If he suffers another concussion, he'll face more than just the end of his football career. He may never function normally for the rest of his life.

Like any pro athlete, Green thrives on competition. Leaving the game is never an easy decision. But I think Green's decision should be simple. Life is more important than football.

By the way, I was angered to hear the NFL did not fine Travis Johnson for his classless behavior during Sunday's game. Johnson taunted Green while he was knocked out on the field. Johnson stood over Green and took pleasure in his injury. It's the most bush and pathetic thing I've seen in football in a long time.

Johnson's reasoning was he felt Green's attempted block was a cheap shot. First of all, Green's block was legal. He was also in front of Johnson. Green did not come up from behind and hit Johnson. Anybody who saw the replay should have enough sense to know Green couldn't block Johnson without going for his lower body. Johnson is 300 pounds. There's no way Green could physically block Johnson by taking him on high. Bottom line, there was no malicious intent on Green's part. He didn't go out of his way to hurt Johnson. On the other hand, Johnson went out of his way to humiliate an injured player. That's as low as you can go.


scott said...

i agree i don't know why the dolphins always take damaged goods from other teams. i thought the dolphins learned their lesson with culpepper. i'm wondering what quarterback that got hurt this year will be starting for the dolphins next year. could it be delhomme, maybe????

scott said...

how about a-rod. what another horrible postseason for the yanks. arod goes 4-15. i don't even know if thats good or bad. when you get so few at bats its hard to say that if that was a bad postseason. especially against playoff quality pitchers. let me know what you think

Fawzy said...

Who could not see this coming? I mean, COME ON!