Friday, August 31, 2007

Broward County's 100 Greatest High School Football Players

Broward Greats: Tyrone Moss (Ely) & Michael Irvin (St. Thomas Aquinas)

Last night I released a list of Dade County's 100 greatest high school players. But let's not forget there's also some great football played north of the county line in The 954. Like the Dade County selections, this list of Broward greats is based strictly on high school career.

Last month former St. Thomas Aquinas star Michael Irvin was inducted in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. He was the first Broward athlete to receive this honor and the third South Floridian, joining former Dade stars Ted Hendricks and Larry Little. Irvin is the biggest name on the list of past Broward high school superstars. Players are listed in alphabetical order with their school and graduation year.

Broward County's 100 Greatest High School Football Players:

Jamel Agemy - South Broward 1983
Andrew Bain - Ely 2003
Gerald Bain - Hollywood Hills 1974
Rod Baker - Ely 1982
Kevin Beard - Plantation 1999
Jon Beason - Chaminade-Madonna 2003
Jesse Bendross - Miramar 1980
Donnell Bennett - Cardinal Gibbons 1990
Al Blades - Plantation 1996
Brian Blades - Piper 1983
H.B. Blades - Plantation 2003
Bennie Blades - Piper 1984
James Bostic - Dillard 1991
Billy Brown - St. Thomas Aquinas 1993
Bobby Brown - St. Thomas Aquinas 1995
Tony Brown - St. Thomas Aquinas 2000
Isaac Bruce - Dillard 1990
Fred Buckley - Cardinal Gibbons 1981
Bill Capece - Chaminade 1977
Jerry Carmichael - Plantation 1996
Rod Carter - Fort Lauderdale 1984
Rubin Carter - Stranahan 1972
Nigea Carter - Coconut Creek 1993
Antwan Chiles - Cardinal Gibbons 1992
John Congemi - St. Thomas Aquinas 1982
Greg Cox - St. Thomas Aquinas 1984
Henri Crockett - Ely 1992
Travis Daniels - South Broward 2001
Cameron Davis - St. Thomas Aquinas 1992
Autry Denson - Nova 1995
Jeff Fagan - Miramar 1978
Steve Feagin - Deerfield Beach 1988
Darius Frazier - Hallandale 1986
Tucker Frederickson - South Broward 1961
Chris Gamble - Dillard 2001
Tavares Gooden - St. Thomas Aquinas 2003
Tremaine Hall - Deerfield Beach 2001
Jack Hallmon - Dillard 1992
Leonard Hankerson - St. Thomas Aquinas 2007
Bill Hawkins - South Broward 1984
Hyland Hickson - Dillard 1987
Abdul Hodge - Boyd Anderson 2001
Martavious Houston - Boyd Anderson 1995
Stefan Humphries - St. Thomas Aquinas 1980
Steve Hutchinson - Coral Springs 1997
Dou Innocent- Ely 1991
Michael Irvin - St. Thomas Aquinas 1984
Claude Jones - Dillard 1987
James Jones - Ely 1979
Davin Joseph - Hallandale 2002
Anthony Judge - Stranahan 1987
Danny Kanell - Westminster Academy 1992
Andre King - Stranahan 1993
Barry Krauss - Pompano Beach 1975
Wendal Lowery - Dillard 1988
Tyrant Marion - Ely 1991
Stanley McClover - Dillard 2002
Jerome McDougle - Ely 1998
Kevin McDougle - Ely 1990
Stockar McDougle - Deerfield Beach 1995
Bryant McFadden - McArthur 2000
Dwight McFadden - American Heritage 2001
Richard McKenzie - Boyd Anderson 1989
Danny McManus - South Broward 1983
Otis Mounds - Dillard 1992
Dan Morgan - Taravella 1997
Tyrone Moss - Ely 2003
Mike Mularkey - Northeast 1977
Broderick Nelson - South Broward 1996
Emeka Nwanko - Chaminade 2007
Sterling Palmer - St. Thomas Aquinas 1989
Brian Piccolo - Central Catholic (St. Thomas Aquinas) 1961
Cyril Pinder - Crispus Attucks 1964
Daryl Porter - St. Thomas Aquinas 1993
Marc Renaud - Deerfield Beach 1993
Mike Rendina - Pompano Beach 1981
Errict Rhett - McArthur 1989
Terry Richardson - Northeast 1990
Alfredo Roberts - South Plantation 1983
Brian Robinson - Dillard 1991
Twan Russell - St. Thomas Aquinas 1992
Nate Salley - St. Thomas Aquinas 2002
Asante Samuel - Boyd Anderson 1999
O'Neal Sandiford - Plantation 1999
Tony Sands - St. Thomas Aquinas 1988
Frank Sanders - Dillard 1991
Brent Schaefer - Deerfield Beach 2004
Ryan Schneider - Plantation 1999
David Shula - Chaminade 1977
Corey Simon - Ely 1995
Russ Smith - Stranahan 1961
Terry Smith - St. Thomas Aquinas 1993
Brad Strohm - Western 1988
Harvey Thomas - Ely 1988
Keith Uecker - Hollywood Hills 1978
Slip Watkins - St. Thomas Aquinas 1986
Lorenzo White - Dillard 1984
Keith Wilkerson - St. Thomas Aquinas 1994
Major Wright - St. Thomas Aquinas 2007
Sam Young - St. Thomas Aquinas 2006


Bruce said...

Keith Wilkerson was a great HS football player, but has been in and out of jail for years now, and is in jail in 2009 again. He was a classmate of mine, and it was sad to see him pushed through classes just because he could play football and raise money for the school because of the trophys he would help bring. He went to Ohio State unable to read and of course dropped out after one year. Back to Fort Lauderdale with no education or skills, he went to crime. Sad because there was a good kid under all the hype and pressure. St Thomas should be ashamed for not helping his guy more in the 1990s, too late now, but if they really are a catholic school and practice what they preach, none of this would of happened? Or at least they would reach out to him, after all he helped St. Thomas win 3 state champs and loads of donor money, but is that was it was all about and not this kids life? End rant, god bless

Sam Spade said...

Rocky Gillis, Bob Hely, Mark Rush, Don Jensen?

workhold said...

Forgot to add Todd Lindemann of South Plantation (1988). Just ask George Smith of St Thomas and Bruchini of Boyd Anderson besides Wolfe of South Plantation and other coaches.

Jimmy Sesto said...

what about Lynn Cooper who at the time broke all of Plantation's rushing records in the 1991 season?

Jimmy Sesto said...

what about Lynn Cooper who at the time broke all of Plantation's rushing records in the 1991 season?

it's me 11 said...

what about Tavirus Davis of Fort Lauderdale High School class of 1997 at the time he left he held 3 of the top 10 recieving games in Broward County History and had the 6th most recieving yards in a season in the History of Broward County

John Smith said...

What about Dean Biasucci kicker for the Colts??

kellen shaw said...

Yes, Leonard Cooper has truly been snubbed, again!

kellen shaw said...

What about Dillard High School 1990-1991: Demetrious Thompson, Calvin Jackson, Cedric Scott, Jay Palmer, Duane Marshall, Joe Riggins, Victor White, Osmond Stoddard , Anthony Mcgill, Frederick 'freddie scissor-hands' Porter, Rodrick "Hot Rod" Davis, Coach Otis Gray???? All underated high school all - americans!!!!

Disco said...

What about Dave Thomas all broward county 3 straight years. 1983,1984 and 1985. Northeast high school.

SeriousTalkDvD said...

What about Tauvarous Trittie and Johnny Shivers from Hallandale High School 1995

SeriousTalkDvD said...

What about Tauvarous Trittie and Johnny Shivers from Hallandale High School 1995

SeriousTalkDvD said...

What about Tauvarous Trittie and Johnny Shivers from Hallandale High School 1995

Cordy Richardson said...

I can name a lot of player's from different schools that I played with and against that were left off thus list. What about the best recruiting class too this date class of 95 to many to name

TR Phillips said...

You have Rhett but no mention of the Hudson brothers, surely Reggie makes the list?

unknown said...

There was a guy named Ernie Mussatto who rushed for 1897 yards in 1979/80 who should be on this list.He played in the CFL And was on the Miramar Teams of 79/80 He was over shadowed by Jessie Bendross

franklin johnson said...

Marty Butler-Boyd Anderson C/O 1986
He held the all-time rushing record when he graduated from BA. If he had the grades, there would be no Emmit Smith.

franklin johnson said...

Steve Bryant-Hollywood Hills 1983

Clifford Bush said...

There were a lot of great players that came from South Plantation that even played with Todd

Marty Culpepper said...

Im Suprise u guys left Marty Butler out he out rush all the guys

marc renaud said...

What about Carlo Joseph and Kenyatta Watson of Deerfield Beach

joelucky39 said...

How does Marty Butler not make this list? I believe he finished his senior season as the all time leading rusher in county history. Yet Slip Watkins and Hyland Hickson make the list.