Thursday, August 23, 2007

Finally, a win!

After 8 consecutive losses filled with fielding blunders and missed opportunties, the Marlins are finally in the win column. (All apologies to former Marlins radio announcer Joe Angel for stealing his material) Earlier today, I was actually contemplating on whether to stop shaving until the Marlins win a game. Well thanks to tonight's 11-1 victory over the Cardinals, I won't be confused for a member of the Taliban. I won't have to audition for the next Geico Caveman commercial.

At this point, there's nothing really to play for. Just stay out of the cellar and hopefully Hanley Ramirez or Miguel Cabrera can win the batting title. Baseball is a long season. But it's even longer when your team sucks. I guess things could be worse. I could be a Baltimore Orioles fan and watch my team get destroyed 30-3 by the Texas Rangers.

All of a sudden, preseason football sounds pretty riveting. I can't wait to see Cleo Lemon throw passes to P.K. Sam while the great Craig Bolerjack is calling the action. Woo hoo!

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